Creativity: Life outside the box!

Tonight, on our 7 C’s of purpose we are going to be looking at creativity. With getting back to blogging every night and counting down just three more days until our big announcement, my creativity has been pushed to the max, and I love it.

For those of you who don’t know my undergraduate degree was in creative writing and my “dissertation” was 30 pages of original poetry inspired by my trip to Uganda in the summer before my final year. But I wrote long before then and have continued both personally and professionally ever since. If I had to define myself as either a coach or a writer, I would really struggle to pick between the two. However, it is this creativity that I believe adds some value to my coaching.

I am a self-confessed solutionist, not so much in terms of logic or games or puzzles but in thinking outside the box or looking at things another way. While this particular talent is completely normal for people of my personality type, it has often lead to me feeling different and out of place. This is still something that I battle with but more recently I have been able to take the take the good from it and put it into my coaching.

I also encourage this sort of creative thinking in my coachees. Creativity breeds possibilities and possibilities mean choices. Many of the coachees I have worked with find themselves stuck because they cannot see the wood for the trees. This may be because they have old habits or coping mechanisms that they just cannot seem to break, or particular incidents, emotions, or triggers seem to be creating a roadblock.

By helping my coachees to step back, think creatively and give themselves new options, they are empowered by the ability to make decisions that are going to be able to take them forward with their lives rather than continuing to look backwards or go round in circles. There is a downside to this of course, in that once they figure out how to do it, they no longer need and, and while I say goodbye with pride and joy, it’s always a little sad to stop working with and walking with these amazing individuals.

So, there it is, number five of seven. I’m now wondering what you do be creative?

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