Adam Grayston is a Coach working online with busy women around the world on diet and weight loss. Here Adam tells us a little more about his story, his natural approach, and his three top tips for getting more engaged with healthy weight loss.

“My 12-week programme is all centred around helping busy women lose up to 20 pounds in 12 weeks. This is without dieting, and without needing to go to the gym, if you choose not to go,” says Adam. “I’ve been in the industry for 10 years now. I started off all the way at the bottom, if you will. I worked as a gym instructor, cleaning floors, mopping up sweat and cleaning down machines. Then I went on to being a personal trainer. After that I invested in a lot of money into becoming a speaker, and a transformation coach. So, I have spent the past 3-4 years really working on online coaching. I work with women all over the UK, and dotted in the places around the world as well.”


Adam speaks about some of the statistics around diet and weight loss. “At any one time 50% of women are on a diet, and women that do diet programmes generally do around three a year. On top of that 1 in 3 teenage girls have apparently either tried to diet or considered going on a diet. So that just shows you how much diets, or juicing or detoxes, or weight loss and is just part of part and parcel of society, and a lot of it is aimed at women. A woman’s body works slightly different to a man’s. They typically gain weight quicker and tend to carry extra weight because of because of hormonal reasons and carrying babies,” he says.

“So, there are a lot of a lot of women have grown up with dieting. They have seen parents dieting, or family members, or other women dieting, seen it in magazines on TV, everywhere. There’s billions and billions of pounds being spent promoting diet,” says Adam. However, it’s not all good. “There’s a lot of information out there about weight loss and the vast majority of it, you just don’t need to know. You sign up for weight loss programmes, weight loss groups, juicing programmes, detoxes, and get all these pieces of information but none of it is specific to them, or none of it is trying to show them what they actually need to put in their bodies and how much of it and how to make it sustainable.”


TIP #1

According to Adam good eating habits and a good diet starts with food you actually enjoy. “There’s no point in eating things you don’t enjoy just for the sake of being healthy. That is one of the fastest ways that you can demotivate yourself,” he says. “The vast majority of my clients know what good food is. It’s just they need better guidance to follow it and just do it, to work on this week by week.” Adam also has three top tips to help us engage better with our eating habits. “The one at the top of the list is knowing exactly how much you need to put into the body. Get to know what your own calorie intake should be. Because when you when you find out what your calorie intake is, you have got something to work towards,” he says.

TIP #2

The next thing is protein. “A lot of people tend to be protein deficient; they don’t have enough protein in their eating habits on a day-to-day basis,” says Adam. “It’s really, really important because your body is made up of a huge amount of muscle and that’s something that wants to keep up. Protein helps your muscles and helps your body to feel satisfied and feel full, because it’s been fed properly.” Almost everything in your body needs protein, so this is a key part of Adam’s message. “Protein really curbs your cravings for sugar and junk food. So the second thing is getting that protein, and again, if you use the calculator online, it’ll tell you exactly what you should be aiming for each day in terms of protein. It makes a massive, massive, massive, massive difference,” he says.

TIP #3

The third tip is exercise. “You want to be exercising and burning calories, but you don’t have to do a difficult or a long amount of exercise when you’re doing it. If you can only fit in 10 or 15 minutes a day, that is where you start from. Over time you can slowly build up from that,” says Adam. “You don’t have to do a lot of exercise to lose weight and get great results; start really, really small and then build up from that. Even just basic stuff. So, for some people, it is just walking, but others need to push themselves a little bit more than that. Try and find some beginner workouts to do online or follow a beginner’s class. Something like 20 minutes, something simple and straightforward for the newbies. You can find it you can find workouts like that everywhere online.”