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From years of experience travelling around the country delivering training and speaking about her personal PTSD journey, Gemma is available to be booked for guest speaking slots at conferences, away days, staff development events, or any kind of gathering.


What topics can Gemma cover?

Gemma has spoken on a wide range of subjects however with her specialisms in wellbeing, resilience, and trauma, here are a few of the topics she has delivered to date:

  • Personal Resilience

  • Goal Setting

  • PTSD

  • Self-care

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-acceptance

  • Self-empowerment

  • Holistic wellbeing

  • Setting up a coaching business

Where can Gemma speak?

Based in the North-West UK, Gemma is able to speak nationally and internationally subject to COVID-19 guidelines. Gemma is also available for virtual conferences and speaking engagements dependent on need. Bookings should be made as far in advance as possible as Gemma manages a caseload of private coaching clients and wishes to ensure that their needs are fully met.

Why choose Gemma as a guest speaker?

Combining a healthy mixture of humour and insight, Gemma is an engaging and inspiring speaker who can connect with any crowd. Gemma is an open, honest, and vulnerable individual who welcomes questions and interaction. Whilst sharing her story can often be difficult, Gemma believes that if it helps just one person then it is worth it, and so will always offer time for individuals to come and speak to her privately after an event. 

What else do I need to know?

Gemma’s book Connected: The 12 Ways of Wellbeing for a Holistically Healthy Life is due for release on the 10thOctober 2021. If you are interested in hosting an event as part of the book tour between October and Christmas, or if you are a café, library or other venue that would like to collaborate, please do get in touch with us via the booking form or on

30-minute sessions.

Want to have a chat? I would love to hear from you. 

These sessions can be used as ‘chemistry sessions’ for coaching or trauma debriefing. In these sessions I will ask you to tell me a little bit more about you, the feelings you are experiencing, and what you would like to be different. I will also tell you about the type of coaching that I do and the structure that my coaching sessions follow. 

If I feel this is not the right working relationship, I will work with you to explore other options. However, if I feel I can help I will explain how and why. However, the purpose of these sessions is not to sell and so I aim to never push or pressure people into making a decision; it must be your decision, however long that takes to make.

These 30-minute sessions can also be used for 1-2-1’s, networking, or business idea proposals. I do a lot of collaboration with other businesses, charities, and agencies, so if you have any thoughts on how we might be able to work together or support each other, please feel free to book some time in with me.







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