“Have you ever felt disconnected? Have you heard the word wellbeing but are not quite sure what it means? Are you struggling with a particular area of your life and do not know how to move forward? 

In this beginner’s guide to wellness, Gemma Margerison will show you the 12 areas you can engage with to feel connected and experience well-rounded health, so that you can start to increase your overall levels of wellbeing. 

Discover The Four Spheres of Connection: self, others, world, and purpose, and explore each of them in more depth. Also includes information, advice, guidance from over 40 UK-based practitioners.

Be more connected and join author, speaker, coach, and researcher Gemma Margerison on a journey to a holistically healthy life.


You can pre-order the book now by emailing gemmalouisecoaching@gmail.comor filling in the contact form. All pre-pre-orders get free postage and packaging!



“Unzenable: A Guide to Stress Less & Be More is a collaboration between therapists, coaches and wellbeing practitioners from around the world giving their insights into stress. The back cover reads “in its essence, Unzenable is a guide to help you become more and more you. To get back in touch with your emotions, which you so often demonize as irrational. You say love is blind. I’d like to contradict that. As Osho says, only love has eyes. Other than love- for yourself and others- everything is blind.” You can find Gemma Margerison and Gemma Louise Coaching featured on pages 94-95 as Gemma talks about fostering stress resilience and how our values play their part in creating or healing stress in our lives.”